Amazon Active Transportation Corridor

Group walking on Hilyard StreetCity of Eugene will receive funding from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to implement the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan. This funding will be used to construct bicycle and pedestrian improvements on East and West Amazon Drive from Hilyard Street to Snell Street and will construct two new pedestrian bridges across Amazon Creek (and replace the existing pedestrian bridge). In addition, the project would extend the Amazon Path to Tugman Park by widening the sidewalk on the west side of Hilyard Street. Two community workshops were held during the project scoping stage to discuss preferences for bicycle and pedestrian improvements along East and West Amazon Drives. Based on input from both workshops, the following facility preferences were identified for the grant application.

  E/W Amazon Cycle Track

  • Concrete traffic separator
  • Flexible delineators
  • Pavement markings

 Crossings of Amazon Creek
  • 3 prefabricated 10’ wide steel pedestrian bridges (45’ in length); preferred locations include 37th Avenue, 39th Avenue (upgrade existing bridge), and Dillard Road
  • Concrete footings and access paths to bridges
  • ADA ramps to access paths
  • Pedestrian scale lighting, crosswalks, and warning signs
Intersection Improvements
(33rd Ave or 34th Ave at Hilyard)
  • Preference for 34th if Cycle Track is on W Amazon
  • Desire for crosswalk on south side of 33rd intersection

Amazon Path Extension
(west side of Hilyard Street)

  • Widen the sidewalk from E 33rd Avenue to the south end of Tugman Park (at existing shared use path). Path will be 12’ wide in most areas, 10’ where constrained

Reconstruction of the wood chip Running Trail (Hilyard to Martin) will also be included in this grant application.  The grant was funded and construction is tentatively scheduled for either 2017 or 2018 as part of the voter-approved pavement bond measure.

For more information contact Reed Dunbar, Transportation Planner, at 541-682-5727.