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Starting on May 1, all retailers must charge 5 cents per bag for paper bags provided as a carry-out bag at the point of purchase. City of Eugene staff will not be enforcing this part of the ordinance for paper bags used by restaurants that would otherwise be exempt if they used plastic bags. Since the intent of the law is to reduce the use of plastic bags, the provision in this instance may be at odds with the City Council’s intent in the original ordinance. Staff will clarify this issue with the City Council at a six-month check-in scheduled for early November 2013.

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Remember Your Bags!
Here are a few useful tips to remember your bags:
  • Always start your shopping list with “Bring Bags”
  • Keep a collapsible bag in your purse, backpack, or briefcase
  • Keep bags in your vehicle
Keep Your Bags Clean!
There are a few simple steps shoppers can follow to keep reusable bags clean and to keep themselves and their families safe from germs. Wash reusable grocery bags at least once per month:
  • Cloth reusable bags should be washed in a washing machine using laundry detergent and dried in the dryer or air-dried.
  • Plastic-lined reusable bags should be wiped using hot water and soap and air-dried.
  • Check that both cloth and plastic-lined reusable bags are completely dry before storing them.
  • Always put raw meats into a disposable plastic bag before putting them in a reusable bag. When using reusable bags, keep meats, fresh produce, and ready-to-eat foods separated from other food products. Additionally, consumers should clean any reusable bags used for carrying food before using for other purposes such as carrying books or gym clothes.
Printable Resources for Shoppers