Climate Recovery Resources and Information

Equity Information

  • Equity Panel Recommendations (English) - The work of the CAP2.0 Equity Panel, this document describes a vision for an Equity Lens and over 40 recommendations for local policy makers.
  • Recomendaciones del Panel de Equidad(En español ) El trabajo del Panel de Equidad CAP2.0; este documento describe una visión para un enfoque de equidad y más de 40 recomendaciones para los legisladores locales.
  • Equity Panel Case Study - A case study describing how the CAP2.0 Equity Panel was developed, how it was organized, lessons learned, and suggestions for improvements.

Climate Recovery

Community Climate Action

Internal Climate Action

These documents describe the actions taken within the City of Eugene operations. They focus on local emissions primarily from fleet and facilities. 

City Council Sessions Related to Climate Recovery