Single Family Housing Expansion Analysis

2015 Revised Recommendation

Based on the best available information and analysis, we have determined that the number of single family homes that can fit inside the current urban growth boundary exceeds our 20 year need.  As a result, the revised recommendation includes no urban growth boundary expansion for housing.

To efficiently accommodate Eugene’s future need for single family homes inside the existing UGB, and to implement the best outcomes of the community vision as a whole, the recommendation also includes:        
  • Providing for services such as wastewater to enable development of land currently planned for single family homes.     
  • Resolving current, transportation-related limitations on development capacity through the in-progress update to our local Transportation System Plan.       
  • Planning for the development of nearly 200 acres of land recently re-designated for single-family homes.     
  • Establishing an ongoing monitoring program to track the progress of our density assumptions, land consumption, housing mix, and other key indicators of development capacity, allowing us to periodically evaluate our progress, and make adjustments as necessary.    
  • Initiating urban reserves planning for longer term growth once the city receives a new population forecast.


The preliminary urban growth boundary recommendation for housing was presented to the City Council in December 2014.  At that time, the recommendation included a modest expansion for single family housing (approximately 530 homes or 6 percent of the total single family housing need).  The proposed expansion included:
Check here for additional information about the residential expansion study areas. As part of the analysis the costs to provide services to each of these areas were estimated. See Cost Estimate Information.
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