Willamette St. (19th to 23rd) Rehabilitation

Project Description

IMG_4291.JPGSouth Willamette Street from 19th Avenue to 23rd Avenue was repaved in 2013. The work included replacing the top layers of deteriorated pavement and removing sections of pavement that had completely failed. The project also reconstructed sidewalk access ramps to meet accessibility standards. The work began in early August and was substantially completed in mid-October. For more information about the construction, contact project manager Doug Singer, 682-8460.

Lane Reconfiguration and Parking Removal

The pavement repairs provided an opportunity to re-evaluate the configuration of the travel lanes and find opportunities to add or enhance bike lanes and crosswalks. To make these changes, Administrative Order 58-13-10 to remove parking on the west side of Willamette Street between 20th and 23rd avenues and from the east side of Oak Street between 19th and 20th avenues and removing the left turn only lane on Willamette Street between 17th and 18th Avenues was signed on June 3, 2013. 

Share the Road and Don't Park in Bike Lanes

The street has been restriped to add southbound bike lanes on Willamette from 17th to 23rd and northbound bike lanes from 24th to 20th. Additional bike lanes will be added to 20th Avenue (Willamette to Oak) and Oak Street (20th to 17th) to complete the bicycle network. 

In addition, the two southbound lanes on Willamette south of 18th have been reduced to one southbound lane at 19th Avenue. The diversion at 19th Avenue retains the supply of on-street parking between 19th and 20th avenues. The option to turn east on 20th will remain via a turn pocket but there will only be one southbound automobile travel lane from 19th to 23rd avenues. 

Willamette Street Study (south of 24th Avenue)

Learn more about the South Willamette Street Improvement Plan which is exploring options for people to easily and safely walk, bike, take the bus, or drive on South Willamette Street from 24th Avenue to 32nd Avenue.