Northeast Eugene Livable Streets Crossings: 2020

Northeast Eugene Livable Streets

Project Description

The Northeast Livable Streets projects, funded by Oregon Department of Transportation, will upgrade major crossings, increasing connectivity and improving local transportation connections for people walking and biking in Northeast Eugene. The projects will enhance pedestrian crossings across arterial streets (streets with high traffic volumes and speeds) to enable safer crossings and link the local street network together.

Design Elements

The projects are located in three neighborhoods in Northeast Eugene- Cal Young Neighborhood Association, Harlow Neighbors, and Northeast Neighbors. There are eight improvements sites, with seven enhanced crossings planned. Some of the enhanced crossing design elements include upgraded sidewalk ramps to meet ADA standards, new stripping and signage, and stutter-flash devices (RRFBs). 

  • Crescent, Sarah to Gay: Crossing at Sarah, ADA sidewalk access ramps, striping, signage, pedestrian refuge island, and stutter-flash devices (RRFBs).
  • Chad at Shadowview: Crossing 85' east of Shadowview,  ADA sidewalk access ramps, striping, signage, overhead light, and a pedestrian refuge island.
  • Coburg Road, just south of Adkins to Jeppesen: A mid-block crossing approximately 70' south of Adkins,  ADA sidewalk access ramps, striping, signage, a pedestrian refuge island, and stutter-flash devices (RRFBs)
  • Gilham, Jeppesen to Minda: Crossing at Minda, striping and signage.
  • Harlow, Sunshine Acres to Randall: Crossing at Randall, ADA sidewalk access ramps, striping, signage, pedestrian refuge island, and stutter-flash devices (RRFBs). The sidewalk will be widened from Randall to Sunshine Acres on the south side of Harlow.
  • Norkenzie at Bond: Crossing at Bond, ADA sidewalk access ramps, striping and signage.
  • Cal Young, Fir Acres to Debrick: Crossing at Fir Acres, ADA sidewalk access ramp, striping, signage, and pedestrian refuge island.
  • Bike only turn lane on Willakenzie at I-5 Path: The turn lane will assist with eastbound bike travel on Willakenzie toward the I-5 path, slowing motor vehicles and providing a safe and designated crossing for people biking. The turn lane includes striping, signage, and flexible markers.

Northeast Eugene Livable Streets project map showing project locations


For current information on transportation construction projects in Eugene, please go to or visit the City of Eugene’s project web site at

Although initial planning for the Northeast Livable Streets project began in 2012, it took several years to assemble funding and survey the project area. The project is scheduled to begin construction at the end of March 2021. 

  1. Reed Dunbar (he/him)

    Transportation Planner