West 18th Avenue Pavement Improvement

Project Description
West 18th Avenue from Washington Street to 510’ east of Chambers Street was reconstructed this summer. This work included  removing the existing surface, stabilizing the subgrade with lime and cement, and repaving a new concrete surface.  The project also reconstructed sidewalk access ramps to meet accessibility standards. 

Pavement projects provide an opportunity to reevaluate the existing configuration of the roadway such as changes in how the space is allocated for different travel modes (auto, transit, bicycle, etc.).  For West 18th Avenue, changes to the current configuration may include removing on-street parking to add a center turn lane, or to widen the travel lanes and bike lanes.  Please see "More Information" below for public engagement activities and outcomes.

The City has awarded the construction contract to reconstruct 18th Avenue to Knife River Corp. The project has been divided into five phases as follows:

  • Phase 1: West end of project from the Westmoreland Park Bridge to the west side of the intersection with Tyler Street.
  • Phase 2: East side of Jackson Street to west side of Friendly Street.
  • Phase 3: East side of Madison Street to west side of Washington Street.
  • Phase 4: West side of Tyler Street to east side of Jackson Street.
  • Phase 5: West side of Friendly Street to east side of Madison.

Construction Schedule:  All phases of 18th Avenue are open to traffic.  The contractor is performing repairs and clean-up work which may result in lane shifts around the work.  Once the repairs are complete, the contractor will be able to complete the permanent pavement markings (line lines, crosswalks, etc.) during a couple of days of dry weather.  Depending on how long the repairs take and weather conditions, permanent markings are anticipated to be complete the week of October 9.

 Construction Phasing Map

Traffic Detours
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Removal of On-Street Parking

The Administrative Order (58-13-02) to remove parking on the south side of W 18th Avenue from Friendly Street to Van Buren Street and on the north side from Van Buren Street to Polk Street was signed on February 7, 2013. Appeals were due March 15, 2013 with one appeal filed.

Administrative Order 58-13-02

Why was the administrative order to remove parking signed?

The existing lane configuration places 2 travel lanes, 2 bike lanes, and 2 parking lanes within 42’. As a result, existing lanes are substandard width. Existing parking lanes are often less than 7’, bike lanes at or below 4’ and travel lanes are less than 11’. The proposed striping layout would widen parking lanes (8’), bike lanes (6’) and travel lanes (11’). See Existing v. Proposed striping for project striping comparisons.

 Appeal Hearing

An appeal hearing was held Thursday, May 2, 2013 at 3:00pm in the Fifth Floor Small Conference Room (859 Willamette Street, Suite 500, Eugene, OR) to repeal the administrative order to remove parking. Eight people testified at the hearing.

Appeal Decision

The administrative order to remove parking was upheld. On May 21, 2013, the Hearings Official concluded, "...EC 5.055 only requires the Traffic Engineer to consider certain factors in making an administrative decision regarding the removal of parking spaces. It is clear that the Traffic Engineer did consider the applicable provisions of EC 5.055(1). In conclusion, I find that the adoption of Administrative Order 58-13-02 is consistent with the applicable standards of the Eugene Code and conforms to citizen involvement requirements." You can view the complete decision by clicking here

More Information

W 18th Avenue Paving Fact Sheet

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