Northwest Community Credit Union



The property includes 1.8 acres located at East 8th Avenue and Ferry Street adjacent to the Wayne Morse Federal Courthouse. 


Northwest Community Credit Union, an Oregon-based not-for-profit financial cooperative, purchased the property from the Urban Renewal Agency to build a 4-story building that includes headquarters and a retail branch on the ground floor. Approximately 150 people will be employed  initially at the location, with the potential for employment to grow to 200.

How does this fit with our City plans for downtown and the Riverfront area?

The site is on 8th Avenue which is one of the four Great Streets in downtown Eugene. Redevelopment of this important site by Northwest Community Credit Union addresses long held goals and policies for a vibrant, prosperous, inviting downtown connected to the riverfront. A redevelopment of this site also supports downtown as a strong regional center and draws a significant number of employees to this key downtown location.The Northwest Community Credit Union investment of $15 million supports the overall mix of uses envisioned for the courthouse area. The development takes full advantage of the large transportation infrastructure investment completed for the Courthouse and designed for a use such as the one proposed.