Smarttrips Eugene


Past Programs:

Smarttrips 2017: River Road
Smarttrips 2015: South-Central

Smarttrips 2013: Bethel
Smarttrips 2011: Central
Smarttrips 2010: Harlow


Current Program:

‚ÄčSmarttrips 2018: West Eugene 

Past Programs:


Smarttrips 2017: River Road

The program report is currently being finished. Please check back for a full report soon!

Smarttrips 2015: South-Central

smarttrips: South-Central program began in June and ran through September 2015.  The smarttrips: South-Central neighborhood offered its residents educational information such as neighborhood maps, safety pamphlets and other great prizes such as pedestrian lights. The neighborhood map highlighted the local neighborhood amenities and helped residents navigate their neighborhoods through alternative modes of transportation such as walking, biking or taking the bus. The smarttrips: South-Central program had the highest rate of order SmartKits with a total 16.5% participant rate which was over 1,000 kits.


Smarttrips 2013: Bethel

The 2013 smarttrips:Bethel program began in June and ran through September 2013.
The East Bethel neighborhood offers its residents easy access to shopping centers and over 5 community centers and parks! The smarttrips: Bethel program highlighted these neighborhood amenities and shows residents how they can easily get around in their neighborhood without having to use a car.

Smarttrips 2011: Central

The 2011 smarttrips: Central program began in June 2011 and ended in September. This program included residents living in the Trainsong, Jefferson/Westside, and Whiteaker neighborhoods.

Highlights from the smarttrips Central program include Bicycle Maintenance classes, Sweet Treats rides and walks, Breakfast at the Bike Bridges and the first ever Eugene Sunday Streets.


Smarttrips 2010: Harlow

The first smarttrips neighborhood was the Harlow neighborhood (including a small portion of the Cal Young neighborhood). The 2010 smarttrips: Harlow neighborhood was centered around Coburg Road, and included the area between I-5 and Gilham Rd/Oakway Golf Course, and from the Randy Pape Beltline Hwy to Hwy I-105.

Highlights from the smarttrips: Harlow program include Street Skills for Families and Safe Routes to Schools bicycle education and workshops, Delta Ponds Bridge Preview ride and the Walk There: Rose Garden tour.