Guiding Plans for Eugene’s Parks and Open Space System

Parks, Recreation and Open Space Comprehensive Plan

PROS comprehensive plan coverThe PROS Comprehensive Plan was developed as an aspirational guiding document for the City’s park and open space system. The Plan is based on a comprehensive parks and open space planning process conducted from 2002 to 2006, in which community needs for parks, open spaces, facilities, and programs were identified through extensive public engagement. POS staff interacted with thousands of community members through meetings with neighborhood associations, representatives of interest groups, youth, seniors, adults, people with disabilities, and cultural minorities. The PROS Comprehensive Plan is not adopted as City policy, but it still provides valuable guidance for future park development.

Parks, Recreation and Open Space Project and Priority Plan

PROS project and priority plan coverThe PROS Project and Priority Plan was adopted by the City Council in May 2006, and represents the list of projects intended to implement the PROS Comprehensive Plan. This Plan includes more than 200 projects, to be implemented over a 20-year period. Each project is prioritized from 1 (highest) to 5 (lowest), as an indication of the order in which the projects should be implemented. It is recognized that unique opportunities and other circumstances will lead in some cases to lower priority projects being implemented before higher priority projects. Project cost estimates included in the Project and Priority Plan are from 2004, and have not been revised since then. The projects in the Plan are depicted on maps, and are also listed in a variety of tables, and are organized by park planning sub-areas in which they occur.