Party Safe, Party Responsibly

The Ordinance on Unruly Gatherings - also known as the Social Host Ordinance - was passed into law by the Eugene City Council on January 28, 2013. The law holds individuals criminally responsible for hosting, organizing and allowing an unruly event or social gathering. Property owners where the event is hosted will also be penalized if there are multiple violations of this ordinance at the same property.

Oversize, disorderly gatherings and parties involving alcohol have been a continuing problem for this community. These events can disturb neighbors’ peace, damage property, create unsafe conditions, tend to attract criminal conduct, and necessitate costly police response. The number of loud party complaints received by the city and criminal citations issued for noise and alcohol-related violations are trending steadily upward, indicating that existing laws have not been effective deterrents.

The Ordinance on Unruly Gatherings went into effect on March 2, 2013. Eugene Police Department educated violators through April 1, 2013 and began enforcement effective April 2, 2013. A provision regarding the use of fireworks was added by City Council on June 23, 2014.

The Eugene Municipal Court assigned a base fine of $375.00 for criminal violations of this ordinance. Both hosts and property owners could be civilly liable for police, fire and public works response to repeated illegal gatherings that fall under this ordinance.