Open Enrollment - Health Plan 

June 13 - June 30, 2022
Open Enrollment is normally the only time employees may switch from one health insurance plan to another or add or drop dependents without a qualifying event. 
Do you want to change your health plan enrollment? 

arrowred.gif No: You do NOT need to take any action.

arrowred.gif Yes:  You will need to complete a new Health Plan Enrollment through PeopleSoft Employee Self Service or submit an Opt-Out Form by 5:00 pm, Thursday June 30, 2022. No late enrollments will be accepted. 
*Please note,
Social Security Numbers are required for dependents before submitted elections can be processed.

             Health Insurance Opt-Out Form

             COBRA and Retiree Health Insurance Form (for former employees)         
All changes will be effective July 1, 2022 and will obligate you through June 30, 2023, unless you have a qualifying event allowing changes outside of Open Enrollment.

Want information on Open Enrollment changes and updated payroll deductions?

The OE Forms and Documents page has detailed information, including Open Enrollment Memos explaining plan changes and a side-by-side Comparison of Benefits and Summaries of Benefits and Coverage for each bargaining unit showing payroll deductions for FY23.

​If you have questions about your coverage or benefit options, please plan to attend the optional Open Enrollment Meeting through Teams Meeting. The link to the Teams Meeting will be in the 06/13/22 Open Enrollment email from Benefits staff, or for audio only please call 971-323-0078, conf ID 698 133 002#.  

Thursday, June 16th

Arrow11 am - 12 pm,  Teams Meeting

NOTE: Attendance can be considered work time if during your regular work hours. Supervisory approval is required to attend any meeting during your regular work hours. Family members are welcome to attend.

HIPAA Privacy Notice
The City of Eugene sponsors the City's self-insured group medical, dental and vision plans. The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) restricts the City Health Plan's use and disclosure of health information in order to preserve privacy for plan members. It is the policy of the City to comply fully with the health information privacy standards of HIPAA.
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