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Eugene Public Library (ELP) Info Hub
Links to online resources that have been researched and selected through a professional evaluation of their accuracy and helpfulness. Super Tracker 
Nutrition information, trackers for food, physical activity, weight manager, top 5 goals, reports
  Health/Wellness topics you can find on the EPL Info Hub:
  Health & Wellness  
  Nutrition & Diet
  Exercise & Physical Fitness
  Heart Disease
  Women's Health
  Mental Health
WebMD Food & Fitness Planner 
Sign-up required, create a goal for weight loss. Log food, activity while tracking your progress and monitoring nutrients.

Phone app: route tracking, networking, site integration, training log
PacificSource Health Plans – benefits and programs available to help support your goals:
   PacificSource Health and Wellness Programs
   InTouch for Members Login
American Heart Association
Online walking tracker, map your walk, log time and distances, enter daily meals and snacks.
City of Eugene Wellness Center
Free exercise classes, fitness equipment and more!

City of Eugene Recreation Programs
Choose from a wide variety of classes and activities!
Phone App: Enter exercise or pick from drop down. Calculates calories burned according to your weight and duration of exercise.
Reduce Stress, Healthy Eating to Reduce Stress, Health and Balance: Managing Stress  
Hypertension/HighBlood Pressure Health Center, Dash Diet: Eating a healthy diet to lower blood pressure 
Weight loss and diet plans, Food and fitness plannerFast and Healthy Snacks
Understanding your cholesterol numbers, 11 tips to lowering your cholesterol.
Diabetes Health Center
Exercise and fitness videosExercise resource guide
Microsoft Office Downloadable Excel tracking spreadsheet Populate personal data for goals, track food and exercise. Uses graphs to show dietary and exercise analysis.

Get Goaling
Free online goal tracking; sign-up required.

'GPS for the Soul' stress tracker – phone app
Increasing Happiness: COE Website Happiness  
Stress:  American Heart Assoc. - Take Action to Control Stress , Mayo Clinic - Stress Relief , - How to reduce, prevent, and cope with stress
Daily Victories - PacificSource has teamed up with WebMD to offer members access to the WebMD Daily VictorySM mobile app for iPhone and Android. The app will help people build healthy exercise habits that last.
Blood Pressure:  Heart and Stroke Foundation Blood Pressure online tracker, phone app, calendar and more, interactive guide to total heart health,
American Heart Assoc. High Blood Pressure Risk Calculator, Interactive Hypertension Guide: Watch, Learn, Live,
National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Lower BP using Dash Diet

Weight Management:  Weight Management, USDA: Healthy Eating, AHA: Healthy Weight Healthy Heart, Everyday Health: 12 steps to managing your weight,
CDC:  Healthy weight, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle,

Cholesterol Education:  AHA: What your cholesterol numbers mean, Mayo Clinic: Top 5 foods to lower cholesterol,
AHA information on lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, improving your life: My Life Check
Diabetes Information:  National Institutes of Health (NIH): Am I at risk for developing diabetes?, American Diabetes Association (ADA): Lowering risk of developing diabetes, Diabetes Risk Test  
Tobacco Cessation:  CDC: General information about tobacco, NIH: Quitting tobacco, Local Tobacco Cessation program: MedicineNet: How to quit smoking  
Alcohol Reduction:  NIAAA - National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism: Rethinking Drinking, Stop Drinking Advice: How to reduce alcohol consumption, Mayo Clinic: Moderate Alcohol Consumption Guidelines