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Road Report 2017
Road Report 2017

 Scoop the Poop! video
Scoop the Poop!

Working City: Road Funds
Working City: Road Fund Performance Review

 Toxic Weed and Feed video
Toxic Weed and Feed


Living Well in Eugene

Park Virtual Tours 
Eugene Parks Virtual Tours
Take a quick look around Eugene's parks

Happy Rivers: You Can Help!
Happy Rivers: You Can Help!

Follow these simple tips to help keep our
rivers clean and healthy
Clean Water Team
Don't give pollution a free ride.
Be a part of the team!
Every Corner is a Crosswalk
Every Corner is a Crosswalk

Stop for pedestrians at any corner!
Helping PW Stay Safe
Working City: Helping Public Works Stay Safe

Let's work together to help Public Works
employees stay safe 

Clean Streets Clean Water
Clean Streets Clean Water
Help keep leaves out of stormdrains to
protect our waterways
 Sharrows PSA
Sharrows PSA
Woo hoo! Learn to share the road

 Bicycle Traffic Markings      
Working City - Bicycle Traffic Markings
Sharing the road keeps getting easier
   Canines for Clean Water Eugene
 Canines For Clean Water Eugene
 You and Fifi can keep waterways clean

Park Watch
Working City - Park Watch

You can help keep our parks great 

Yard Chemicals
Yard Chemicals Affect Health

Yard chemicals can be toxic to children and wildlife

Yard Chemicals Spanish
Quimicos Usados en Patios Afectan la Salud
(Yard Chemicals Affect Health) Español

Quimicos pueden ser toxicos a niños y a
vida Silvestre
 Pressure Wash Safely       
Pressure Washing Safely to Protect Waterways
Keep debris out of stormdrains 

 Eugene's Leaf Team
Be a Part of Eugene's Leaf Team
Heck yeah! You, me and Public Works! Go team!

Leaf Pickup PSA       
Leaf Pickup PSA
Deal with fall leaves safely

Leaf Delivery Tips
Leaf Delivery Tips
Things to know if you order a load of leaves

  Getting There Safely   
Get There Safely
How to navigate new traffic control
markings, lights and lanes

Fish Friendly Carwash Kit         
Fish-Friendly Carwash Kit
Borrow a kit for your next fundraiser


Learn About Public Works and Eugene

Connect the Drops
Connect The Drops

We like to keep our waters clean!

Explore Delta Ponds
Explore Delta Ponds 1-2 grade

Look at all those critters! Take a tour 

Public Works Day
Public Works Day Promo

Free, educational fun for kids! Every May
 Hunting for History image
Hunting for History video series
Learn about the City of Eugene
For kids of all ages 

Count on Public Works
You Can Count on Public Works
The faces of Public Works will make you smile

Discover Public Works
Discover Public Works

An overview of Public Works for kids
NPDES Videos            
NPDES Permit and Stormwater BMPs
Learn how the City of Eugene protects
water quality 

Public Works Projects and Programs


 Road Bonds
Road Bonds Fixing Eugene's Streets

 CoE Stormwater Services
City of Eugene Stormwater Services

We work hard to keep our waterways clean.
Here's an overview of our stormwater services.
Railroad Quiet Zone
Railroad Quiet Zone
Learn about the proposed Railroad Quiet
Zone through downtown Eugene and
Whiteaker neighborhood
Citizens Review Bond Fund Use video
Citizens Review Bonds Fund Use

 Working City: South Willamette Pilot Study
Working City: South Willamette Pilot Study

Making travel safer on South Willamette 
Working City: Airport Remodel
Working City: Airport Remodel

Our remodeled airport has increased capacity,
access and security

2016 Parks & Rec Summer Popup Tour
2016 Parks & Rec Summer Pop-up Tour

Little Red was back on tour to talk to you!

Spencer Butte's New Trail

Public Works has made improvements to the
trail leading up to Spencer Butte's summit.

Safer Crossing
Working City: Safer Crossing
Neighbors asked for a solution and got one

Working City: LED Streetlights
Working City: LED Streetlights

Sustainability pays for itself!

POS_Environmental Leadership Award
Parks & Open Space: Environmental
Leadership Award

Working together to care for Eugene's
natural areas
POS Asset Management Award
Parks and Open Space: Asset Management Award
History and protection of Spencer Butte
 WJ Skatepark and Urban Plaza
 WJ Skatepark + Urban Plaza
Check it out and WEAR A HELMET!
WJ Skatepark is Open
WJ Skatepark + Urban Plaza is Open!

How amazing is this place? Take a look  
Water Wise Demo Garden
Water Wise Demonstration Garden
You can learn a lot from a garden

Biocycle Farm
 MWMC's Biocycle Farm: First Harvest
A green way to deal with biosolids

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