How to Participate - Residential

How to Participate in the GBIP-Residential New Construction

Step 1:  Contact your local utility provider to determine if available energy efficiency, conservation, or renewable energy incentives are available and associated with GBIP eligible certification programs.  Collect documentation that you have enrolled in one of the green building certification programs.   

Step 2: 

Projects must provide all required information at permit intake to participate in the residential GBIP.  Please complete and provide the following items as part of project submittal.
  • Refer to the Residential Intake Checklist to ensure you have all the required documentation needed.  Be sure to check the box on this form that indicates this is a Green Building project.
  • Proof of certification program enrollment.
  • Completed Local Wastewater flow rate spreadsheet (Excel Document) with the total number of fixtures and the flow rates for each type of fixture. Please save to your computer and print.
For more information, you can speak with a residential permit review or permit intake staff member (541-682-5086).