Eugene Bike Share


Eugene’s Bike Share System

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The City of Eugene and partner agencies Lane Transit District and University of Oregon, have contracted Social Bikes (now JUMP) to deliver bike share equipment and operations for Eugene Bike Share. 

Social Bikes is a leader in the development of “smart bike” technology that allows bike share bikes to be parked at any location within the service district. Social Bikes is currently operating in 18 locations in North America including the BIKETOWN system in Portland, OR.

The City is interested in transportation solutions like bike share because it provides a transportation option that utilizes existing infrastructure, helps to reduce the burning of fossil fuels for urban trips, and implements city plans and policies including the Climate Recovery Ordinance and the Transportation Systems Plan.

Bike share users are able to choose a membership plan that best suits their needs including one-time, monthly, and annual memberships.  There are also group pass options for large employers.

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PeaceHealth Rides — Ride With Us! from City of Eugene on Vimeo.

We've teamed up with PeaceHealth Rides and created 9 pro tip videos to help you become a more expert bike share user! Check them all out on our City Vimeo site. Here's Pro Tip #1 and the rest can be found linked below that:

Pro Tip #1 Reserve Your Ride from City of Eugene on Vimeo.

Pro Tip #2 Seat Height: Get Comfy

Pro Tip #3 Lock Like a Pro!

Pro Tip #4 Hold On a Little Longer

Pro Tip #5 Kick It! Please Use the Kickstand

Pro Tip #6 Two Ways to Earn Ride Credits

Pro Tip #7 Gears: Use Them!

Pro Tip #8 Ding Ding- Peace Wave!

Pro Tip #9 Holster That U-Lock!