Current Projects

2017 Paving Projects


 Current Projects Web Application

Road Work Traffic Advisories for Active Projects

Other 2017 Projects

Pedestrian-Bicycle Projects
Commerce Street Connector Path and Bridges
2017 Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Project
Regional Bike Counters
Park Projects
Current Parks and Open Space projects
Stormwater/Natural Area Projects
Drywell Elimination Program - Rosetta and Benjamin Area and Lodenquai and Countryside Area
Wastewater Projects
2017 Wastewater Lateral Rehabilitation and Manhole Rehabilitation
2017 Wastewater Extensions
2017 Wastewater Rehabilitation
Streetlight and Traffic Signal Projects
18th Ave and Oak Patch Signalized Intersection Improvements

2018 Paving Projects in Design

7th Place (7th Ave/Hwy 99 to Bailey Hill Rd) 
11th Avenue (Danebo St to Bertelsen Rd) 
30th Avenue (Willamette St to Ferry St)
Buff Way (Woodside Dr to Forrester Wy)
Carmel Avenue (Minda Dr to 400' S. of Minda Dr) 
Cody Avenue (Golden Gardens to Blue Heron) 
Corydon Street (Forrester Way to Tandy Turn)
Danebo Ave (Jessen Dr to Burnett) 
Forrester Way (Coburg Rd to Drwy 1033)
Garfield Street (Roosevelt Blvd to 6th Ave)
Golden Gardens Street (Jessen to Barger) 
Larkspur Avenue (Norkenzie Rd to 640' W of Norkenzie Rd)
Larkspur Loop (Norkenzie Rd (N) to Norkenzie Rd (S))
Mill Street (30th Ave (N) to 30th Ave (S))
Piper Lane (Chasa St to Fir Acres Dr)
Roland Way (Oakway Rd to Cal Young Rd)
Sharon Way (Coburg Rd to Drwy 1023)
Tulip Street (Crescent Ave to Holly Ave)
West Amazon Drive (Hilyard St to Fox Hollow Rd)
Willamette Street (24th Ave to 29th Ave)
Woodside Drive (Cal Young Rd to Sharon Wy)


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