Current Projects

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Current Projects Map

Explore current Public Works construction projects throughout Eugene by viewing the ARC GIS Current Projects Map

Each project type is coded a different color:

  • Airport
  • Parks & Open Space
  • Public Buildings & Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Stormwater
  • Wastewater

Road Work Traffic Advisories

Road Work Traffic Advisories for Active Projects

Other Upcoming 2020 Projects

Pedestrian-Bicycle Projects

Park Projects

Stormwater/Natural Area Projects

Wastewater Projects

  • Wastewater Manhole Rehabilitation - Roosevelt Hwy 99 and City View Areas
  • Wastewater Lateral Rehabilitation - Hwy 99 and Roosevelt Blvd. North
  • Wastewater Basin Cleanout

2021 Projects in Design

  • Arrowsmith Street (Terry St to 11th Ave)
  • Bailey Hill Road (5th Ave to 11th Ave)
  • Blackburn Street & Cul-De-Sacs (Warren St to Kevington St)
  • Candlelight Drive (Avalon St to Royal Ave)
  • Catalina Street (Juhl St to Willhi St)
  • Chase Street & Cul-De-Sacs (Marshall Ave to the North End)
  • Clarey Street (Bean St to 1,000 feet south of Bean St)
  • Concord Street (Berntzen Rd to Jacobs Dr)
  • Echo Hollow Road Cul-De-Sacs (West End Cul-De-Sac to Echo Hollow Rd)
  • Fuller Avenue (Echo Hollow Rd to Jay St)
  • Hawthorne Avenue (West End to Fairfield Ave)
  • Intersection Rebuilds (Various Locations)
  • Jessen Drive (Elizabeth St to Highway 99)
  • Laurelhurst Drive & 5 Cul-De-Sacs (Melrose Lp to Barger Dr)
  • Laurelhurst Drive & Sheffield Court Cul-De-Sacs (Harriet Ave to Royal Ave)
  • Laveta Lane (Barger Dr to the South End)
  • Primrose Street & 1 Cul-De-Sac (Barger Dr to Parker Pl)
  • Robin Avenue (Ruskin St to Taney St)
  • Roosevelt Boulevard (Beltline to 800 feet East of Beltline)
  • Royal Avenue Cul-De-Sac (Royal Ave to the End)
  • Shane Drive (Blackburn St to the West End)
  • Stagecoach Road (Candlelight Dr to Surrey Ln)
  • Surry Lane (Stagecoach Rd to Welcome Wy)
  • Terry Street (Royal Ave to Roosevelt Blvd)
  • Welcome Way (Candlelight Dr to Royal Ave)
  • Westleigh Street (Bailey Hill Rd to 650 feet to the East)
  • Windsor Circle East/West (Wilshire Ln to Wilshire Ln)