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Explore current Public Works construction projects with the Current Projects Map. Each project type is coded a different color: Transportation, Stormwater, Wastewater, Parks & Open Space, Airport and Public Buildings.

Road Work

Traffic Advisories

Visit the Road Work Traffic Advisories page for current City of Eugene roadwork information and detours. Visit for regional roadwork information.

2021 Public Works Projects

Transportation Projects

Pavement preservation projects repave and preserve local streets. Additional projects elements may include upgrading sidewalk access ramps, adding sidewalks or bike lanes, installing stormwater planters, and more. Eugene's pavement preservation program is funded by local gas taxes and the voter approved 2017 Street Bond Measure. 

Multimodal projects complete our transportation system, ensuring Eugene’s streets and paths are connected and accessible for community members of all ages and abilities. The projects focus on making streets safe and reliable for people walking, biking, rolling, busing, and driving. Click on a project below for construction details, timeline and contact.

  • South Willamette Street Improvement PlanThis project improves safety, function and pavement condition on Willamette Street from 23rd  to 29th Avenues. Construction in 2020 focused on utilities, sidewalks, driveways, and raingardens on side streets. The street will be rehabilitated and paved in 2021, keeping the center turn lane and bike lanes from the 2016 Pilot, and adding widened sidewalks, pedestrian countdown timers at intersections, pedestrian-scale lighting, and street trees.
  • Willamette/Oak/20th Two-Way ConversionWillamette Street, from 18th Avenue to 20th Avenue, will be converted from a one-way section to a two-way section. The project will also two-way 20th Avenue from Willamette to Oak Street, and Oak Street from 20th to 19th Avenue. The streets will be repaved, the signal at 18th Avenue and Willamette Street will be replaced, and sidewalk access ramps will be reconstructed.
  • 4th Avenue Paving & BikewayThis project will pave and improve bike and pedestrian access on 4th Avenue (from Pearl Street to Coburg Road) and Mill Street (from 4th Avenue to 2nd Avenue).  The project will also include a protected bikeway on 4th Avenue between Mill Street and Coburg Road, crosswalk striping along 4th Avenue, reconstructed sidewalk access ramps, and stormwater and wastewater improvements.
  • Northeast Livable Streets: This project will update major crossings to improve connectivity in Northeast Eugene. Enhanced crossing design elements include upgraded sidewalk access ramps, new striping and signage, and pedestrian flashing beacons. 
  • Highway 99 Pedestrian Crossing: This project will construction a pedestrian crossing on Highway 99, in front of the St. Vincent de Paul Lindholm Center. The project includes a pedestrian activated signal and median, providing a safe crossing for people walking or biking across Highway 99.
  • Jefferson Street Traffic Calming: Jefferson Street, from 13th to 28th Avenues, was selected as a traffic calming project and speed cushions will be installed. The intent of the project is to address speeding traffic, reduce crashes, and improve safety for all people using the street.
  • Eugene Traffic Signal Enhancements: This project addresses “hotspot” crash locations in Eugene with vehicle and pedestrian safety improvements. This project updates several intersections and corridors identified in the Eugene Vision Zero Action Plan, upgrading sidewalk access ramps and upgrading signals and detection methods.
  • South Bank Path Realignment & Lighting: This project will realign and rebuild approximately 3,000 feet of the south bank of the Ruth Bascom River Path between Hilyard Street and the Frohnmayer Bridge. Elements include a new twelve foot wide concrete path realigned away from the top of bank, rebuilding the existing asphalt path into a six foot wide gravel trail, and installing path lighting.
  • West Bank Path Rehabilitation & LightingThis project will repave the west bank of the Ruth Bascom River Path from Copping Street to Stults/Stephens Drive, adding habitat sensitive and energy efficient lighting, and improving path entrances and slopes. 
  • Alton Baker Park Pre's Trail Lighting: This project will replace lighting along Pre’s Trail on the loop between the Alton Baker Park parking lot and the Autzen Path over the Canoe Canal.

2022 Public Works Projects  

Future projects are planned to preserve or enhance existing City infrastructure - streets, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, wastewater sewers, stormwater facilities, and parks - and to provide new and expanded facilities to serve community needs and growth. Projects can include land acquisition, construction, and major preservation of public facilities.

  • 8th Avenue StreetscapeThis project will repave 8th Avenue from Lincoln to Mill Streets, converting the section to a two-way street, constructing protected bike lanes from High to Lincoln Streets, adding 4-way and 2-way stops at key intersections, and widening sidewalks and reconstructing sidewalk access ramps.
  • River Road & Irving/Hunsaker Intersection Reconstruction: This intersection project will construct a protected intersection, adding dedicated turn lanes and bike lanes on both the Irving and Hunsaker approaches and update the existing traffic signal equipment. This federally funded project focuses on intersection flow and safety for people walking, biking and driving.  
  • Enhanced Walking Network: This projects implements the walking network in the Transportation Systems Plan, building safe connections for people walking to bus stops, schools, parks, employment centers, and residential areas. Project elements includes enhanced pedestrian crossings and sidewalk infill.
  • Railroad Quiet Zone: This safety driven project will reconfigure and reconstruct 10 railroad crossings throughout the City to reduce the need for train horns, eliminating 70 percent of horn noise. The work includes installing medians, quad gates, and conversions from two-way to one-way. Additionally, work includes reconstructing the existing pavement, installing pedestrian gates, upgrading sidewalks and sidewalk access  ramps to current standards. 
  • Maxwell & Prairie Sidewalks
  • 17th Avenue (Oak St to Alder St) Paving
  • 19th Avenue (Willamette St to High St) Paving
  • Mill Street (3rd Ave to 4th Ave) Paving
  • Candlelight Drive (Avalon Street to Royal Avenue) Paving
  • Catalina Street (Juhl Street to Willhi Street) Paving
  • Chase Street & Cul-De-Sacs (Marshall Ave to the North End) Paving
  • Coburg Road (Oakway Street to Ferry Street Bridge) Paving
  • Concord Street (Berntzen Road to Jacobs Drive) Paving
  • Crescent Avenue (Norkenzie Road to address 1670) Paving
  • Echo Hollow Road Cul-De-Sacs (West End Cul-De-Sac to Echo Hollow Road) Paving
  • Fuller Avenue (Echo Hollow Road to Jay Street) Paving
  • Hawthorne Avenue (West End to Fairfield Avenue) Paving
  • Lakeview Drive (200 feet east of Sarah Lane to Gilham Road) Paving
  • Laurelhurst Drive & Sheffield Court Cul-De-Sacs (Harriet Avenue to Royal Avenue) Paving
  • Polk Street (18th Avenue to 28th Avenue) Paving
  • Royal Avenue Cul-De-Sac (Royal Avenue to the End) Paving
  • Spyglass Drive (Cal Young Road to Spyglass Drive) Paving
  • Stagecoach Road (Candlelight Drive to Surrey Lane) Paving
  • Surry Lane (Stagecoach Road to Welcome Way) Paving
  • Welcome Way (Candlelight Drive to Royal Avenue) Paving