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Map of Eugene with projects shown with different projects in various colors

Current Projects Web Application

Explore current Public Works construction projects throughout Eugene by using the ARC GIS tool. Projects are visual by different colors for each type of project below:

  • Airport
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  • Stormwater
  • Wastewater

Road Work Traffic Advisories for Active Projects

Information about current roadwork in progress in the Eugene area

2019 Pavement Preservation Projects

Other Upcoming 2019 Projects

2020 Projects in Design

8th Avenue (Willamette Street to Mill Street)

13th Avenue Two-Way Bikeway

17th Avenue (Hilyard Street to Oak Street)

19th Avenue (Willamette Street to High Street)

19th Avenue (Agate Street to Fairmount Boulevard)

20th Avenue (Willamette Street to Oak Street)

A3 Channel Water Quality Improvements

Amazon Creek Restoration (19th Avenue to 24th Avenue)

Chambers Street (11th Avenue to 13th Avenue)

Coburg Road (Ferry Street Bridge to Oakway Road)

Fairmount Boulevard (15th Avenue to Columbia Street)

Garden Avenue (Moss Street to Walnut Street)

Grant Street (18th Avenue to 24th Avenue)

Hayes Street (18th Avenue to End)

Highway 99 & Elmira Pedestrian Activated Signal Installation

Huckleberry Street (Pine Canyon Drive to End)

Mill Street (16th Avenue to 18th Avenue)

Oak Street (13th Avenue to 20th Avenue)

Pierce Street (18th Avenue to 23rd Avenue)

Pine Canyon Drive (Vine Maple Street to End)

Polk Street (6th Avenue to 7th Avenue)

Railroad Quiet Zone Crossing Safety Enhancements (10 Locations)

Spring Boulevard (North Shasta Loop to South Ridge Drive)

Southbank Path Rehabilitation

South Ridge Drive (Spring Boulevard to End)

Vine Maple Street (Agate Street to Spring Boulevard)

Walnut Street (Franklin Boulevard to Garden Avenue)