Current Projects

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Map of Eugene with projects shown with different projects in various colors

Current Projects Web Application

Explore current Public Works construction projects throughout Eugene by using the ARC GIS tool. Projects are visual by different colors for each type of project below:

  • Airport
  • Parks & Open Space
  • Public Buildings & Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Stormwater
  • Wastewater

Road Work Traffic Advisories for Active Projects

Information about current roadwork in progress in the Eugene area

2019 Pavement Preservation Projects

  • 11th Avenue (Bertelsen to Tyinn)
  • Willamette Street (23rd Ave to 29th Ave)
  • 19th Avenue (Hilyard to Agate)
  • 3rd Avenue (Pearl to High)
  • Mill Street (2nd Ave. to 3rd Ave.)
  • 5th Avenue (Grant to Chambers )
  • Charnelton Street (4th Ave. to 6th Ave.)
  • Olive Street (5th Ave. to 6th Ave.)
  • Lawrence Street (Drway 36 to 6th Ave.)
  • Brookside Drive (Braeburn to ADDR 999)
  • Brookside Drive (Braeburn to Montara Way)
  • Sundance Street (Sundial to East End)
  • Sundance Street (North End to Sundance)
  • Alder Street (24th Ave. to 27th Ave.)
  • Fair Oaks Drive (Fairway To Oakway)
  • Bedford Way (Fair Oaks to Oakway)
  • Lariat Drive (Oakway to Lariat)
  • Lariat Meadows Drive (Lariat to E End)
  • Lariat Mesa (Lariat to East End)
  • Balfour Street (North End to Terresa)
  • Calgary Street (Holly to Elanco)
  • Elanco Avenue (Norkenzie to End of Northerly CDS)
  • Terresa Avenue (Montreal to Gilham)
  • Quebec Street (Calgary to Elanco)
  • Montreal Avenue (Calgary to Balfour)
  • Jerry Street (Richard to Royal)
  • Louis Street (Hawthorne to DRWY 715)
  • Richard Avenue (Fairfield to HWY 99)
  • Barger Drive (Primrose to Altimont)
  • Villard Street (Franklin to 15th Ave.)
  • 19th Avenue (Tyler to Jefferson)
  • Coburg Road (Country Farm to Game Farm)

Other Upcoming 2019 Projects

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