MoveEUG: Active Transportation Strategy


The purpose of this 5-year Strategic Plan is to identify a strategy for

  1. Achieving the Transportation System Plan's goal of tripling (from 2014 levels) the percentage of trips made either on foot, by bicycle or by transit by 2035
  2. Becoming a Platinum Level Bicycle and Walk Friendly Community (BFC and WFC)

Eugene is currently certified as a Gold Level BFC and Gold Level WFC by the League of American Bicyclists and the Pedestrian & Bicycle Information Center, respectively.  This plan updates and replaces the 2008 Eugene Pedestrian and Bicycle Strategic Plan. It is not a regulatory plan and will not be adopted as policy by the Eugene City Council. Instead, it will be adopted administratively. 

It works to support the Eugene 2035 Transportation System Plan (TSP) and will refer to the policies and suggested actions in the TSP throughout. It is also not a capital improvement plan. It is, however, a guide for City staff, community members, and organizations to use as they work toward a common vision.

To read more about the vision, goals, and actions of the plan, download the MoveEUG Active Transportation Strategy, or see the annual reports below.

The MoveEUG Active Transportation Strategy Plan is intended to be used in several ways: 

  1. To guide City of Eugene Transportation Planning Team staff, other City staff, divisions and department, and the Active Transportation Committee in their work to make Eugene more walkable and bikeable; and
  2. To involve the community in a concerted, structured effort to improve the experience of walking and biking in Eugene; and
  3. To help coordinate the activities and programs of many different organizations, non-profit agencies, and government agencies that promote walking and biking in Eugene.
  1. Vision, Goals, & Actions
  2. 2015-2016 Report
  3. 2017 Report

Eugene is a place where walking and biking are integral to the community’s culture, where the city’s livability, independence, economic prosperity and overall quality of life are enhanced by more people walking and biking, and where these modes of transportation are safe, convenient and practical options for everyone.

Goal 1 - Foster and develop a community culture supportive of walking and biking as important modes of transportation and recreation.

Goal 2 - Increase the share of trips people make by walking and biking for transportation and recreation.

Goal 3 - Increase safety and perception of safety for people who use active transportation.

Goal 4 - Create accessible, efficient and convenient facilities for people who walk and bike to travel to the places where they live, work, and play.

Goal 5 - Build productive partnerships and obtain stable and diverse resources to implement and promote the plan.


This plan has 63 specific, assignable actions for implementing the goals. The actions are broken into five strategies relating to the “Six E’s”: Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, Engineering, Evaluation & Planning and Equity (Equity does not have its own strategy but is included in each of the five other strategy sections). 

To help guide the implementation of the plan, City staff, the Active Transportation Committee and the community have prioritized the actions into short term (1-2 years), mid-term (3-5 years), long term (5+ years) and continuous/ongoing. The lead and partner organizations that will likely be involved in the action are listed in the first two columns after the action. If the action is related to the TSP, it is listed in the far right column.