Local ADU Incentives

Financing for Systems Development Charges (SDCs)

SDCs can be paid in full at the time the building permit is picked up, or they may be put on contract. SDC contracts arrange for payment of the fees in installments over a period of up to 10 years, subject to a modest interest rate.

Green Building Incentives

The City has a voluntary Green Building Incentive Program to encourage sustainable building practices in our community. 
For questions about residential green building permits or projects, please contact 541-682-5611. For questions about commercial green building permits or projects, please contact 541-682-5505.

Potential New Incentives

In an effort to promote smaller homes, one of the strategies in Envision Eugene calls for an assessment of implementing restructured systems development charges (SDCs). An assessment is currently underway, and options will be presented to City Council later this year as part of a larger package of investment strategies.