Other Benefits

Breastfeeding Lane Website
New or expecting mothers, check it out! Lane County Public Health provides a wealth of information on their breastfeeding website.

Bus Pass Program
How do you get to work every day? Riding the bus can eliminate the hassles of driving (including the cost of parking downtown) and can give you the freedom to relax for a moment and before the workday begins. All permanent City employees can ride the bus for free. Just contact your office manager to pick up your Lane Transit District sticker, attach it to your employee picture ID card and start riding the bus today!

For route planning assistance, contact: Lee Shoemaker, Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator at 541-682-5471.

Carpool / Rideshare
In addition to the Bus Pass Program a carpool/rideshare matching program with the assistance of Point 2 Point Solutions is available to City employees. Carpool/Rideshare discounts are also offered through Republic Parking Northwest. Point 2 Point Solutions offers a carpool matching service to connect you with potential carpool mates from your neighborhood. Register on the Point 2 Point Solutions website.

If you prefer to drive to work, consider taking along one or two coworkers. With a carpool of three or more, you can park free at many of the City owned lots and parking structures and parking is discounted for those that rideshare (i.e. two riding together). Inquire at Republic Parking Northwest, 99 W. 10th Ave., 3rd Floor, 541-357-5754. View maps, rates, and purchase permits online.

Rideshare prices are subject to application and review. You must carpool or rideshare a minimum of four times a week and share at least 80 percent of the commute to qualify for the permit.

Parking costs are currently eligible for the Transportation Reimbursement Accounts (TRA) tax benefit. TRA allows you to use pre-tax dollars to pay for certain transportation expenses that you would normally pay for with after-tax dollars. This can mean a significant tax savings on qualified expenses.

Emergency Ride Home Program
All City employees are eligible to be registered for the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program offered through Point 2 Point Solutions. This employee benefit cost of your taxi fare home in the event of an emergency should you have chosen to bike, walk, bus or carpool to work that day. You can register at the Point 2 Point Solutions website.

Supplemental Benefits
The City offers a comprehensive employee benefits program for regular City employees and their families. Some employees may be interested in additional supplemental benefits that are specific to their individual or family’s needs. A very wide variety of insurance and other supplemental benefits products are available in the marketplace, for example:

  • Automobile, homeowners, renters insurance
  • College savings plans
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Financial planning or legal services
  • Identity theft protection
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • Pet insurance

Some sources that may offer these products or provide additional information may include:

  • Insurance agents or companies
  • Credit unions
  • Labor unions
Group affiliations: example: American Association of Retired People (AARP) or American Automobile Association (AAA)