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Recent Update

The South Willamette Special Area Zone land use application was withdrawn by the Eugene City Council as of May 10, 2016. This information page is for reference only.

Project Information

For more of an overview of general concepts with general provisions, check out the following documents:

South Willamette Special Area Zone

Proposed Design Code and Boundary Map
Use the links below for more information on zoning and design code updates within the Special Area Zone or to see if your property is within the Special Area Zone.

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SAZ Boundary Button 2.jpg 

 How Did We Get Here?


posed & Existing Zoning Map and
Land Use Designations Map

 SAZ Zoning Button 1.20.16 SAZ Land Use Button 1.20.16 


Proposed Height Standards

Height Change Map Zoning_Desg Oct.15.2015
Height Change Map
This map shows the proposed increases and decreases to existing height limits.

Proposed Design Code Concepts
Proposed Code Standards Concepts
Design standards, single family options, transitions, street design and flexibility.