Program Proposal

We are not accepting proposals for programs at this time.

General information about library programs

The library sponsors programs that are of general interest to the public and further the library’s mission: providing equitable resources and opportunities for everyone to create a connected, caring and inspired community.

  • Program planning occurs at least 4-6 months in advance.
  • Programs must be free, non-commercial, and open to the public.
  • Items can be sold at events sponsored by the library or the Friends of the Library under the following conditions:
    • Items must be related to the program, such as an author or speaker selling books.
    • Fifteen percent (15%) of the proceeds are remitted to the Friends of the Library.
    • Sale transactions must be handled by Friends, volunteers, or program presenters, not by library staff.
  • Library programs are held during regular open hours.

If you are not a presenter but have suggestions about programs you’d like the library to offer, please let us know.