Display Request

Interested in having a display or exhibit at the Library? Please review the guidelines and submit a request using the form linked below.


The Eugene Public Library plans displays accessible for all city residents, representing the universe of ideas and information in a variety of media for the following purposes:

  • Encourage the love of reading and use of Library materials and services
  • Respond to a variety of educational, cultural, intellectual and civic interests
  • Promote cultural diversity
  • Identify special spaces to reflect the playfulness and youthfulness of children
  • Value and honor the accomplishments of children by providing space for their creations


  • Library staff, delegated by the Library Director, shall accept or reject material offered for display based on its suitability to fulfilling display purposes, the availability of display space, or the time needed.
  • Material selected for exhibit in the Children’s Center should be appropriate for display to all age groups, including young children, and free from realistic depictions of graphic violence.
  • The presentation of any display does not imply an endorsement of the Eugene Public Library, the City, or its staff.


  • Display reservations are not transferable. Cancellations need to be submitted to the staff contact at least one week in advance of the reservation date.
  • Displays should be set-up and taken down on their assigned dates with supervision of Library staff. The City assumes no responsibility for the exhibit after the term of the display.
    • Second floor displays are typically for two-month periods, unless other arrangements are made.
    • Community group displays in the Children’s area are for one to six months depending on the display area and may be reserved up to a year in advance.
  • The exhibitor is responsible for delivery and pickup of the display materials. Library staff will manage setup and handling. Displays must conform to the space restrictions of the assigned area and be secured and stable. If a handout accompanies the display, staff will arrange for its placement. No nails, glue, or scotch tape may be used on any library display surface; removable adhesive putty and low-adhesive blue painter’s tape may be used. Wall displays on the 2nd floor use a hook and wire hanging system.
  • Displays must include an appropriately-sized sign indicating the source or owner of the display. Labels should be used to identify individual pieces. No prices shall be indicated on these labels; no items will be sold from the Library. Signs may include the location of a community organization and/or an upcoming event at that location; however, the event should not be the focus of the display. General fund-raising appeals are not permitted. References to businesses shall be limited to contact information.
  • The Library has priority access over display space and will strive not to displace a group or individual with an existing reservation.
  • Collaborative displays are limited to two artists unless special arrangements are made. All artists on display will have to sign individual release forms.
  • Any individual or organization may be limited to one display every two years.
  • The City of Eugene standard insurance applies to all displays.


After reading the guidelines, select the applicable request form.

  • Children’s Center (form includes specific dimensions for each display area) Children’s own collections: Some locked display cases in the Children’s Center are reserved for children to display their own collections; the request form is not used. These displays are for one month and are reserved one month in advance by contacting Youth Services staff in person or by phone at 541-682-8316.
  • Second floor walls and display cases - see map and dimensions (PDF)