FPS Reporting

Eugene Springfield FMO now using The Compliance Engine

Nationally and locally, between 30 and 50% of all fire and life safety systems go without mandatory inspection, testing and maintenance as required by the building and fire codes. After significant due diligence to correct this problem, the Eugene Springfield Fire Marshal’s Office has selected The Compliance Engine (TCE), a cloud-based service to efficiently manage fire and life safety systems by streamlining and standardizing the reporting process. TCE will help us towards our goal of obtaining 100% compliance with the City of Eugene and the City of Springfield Fire Codes, improving departmental efficiencies and delivering on the goal we all share of improving public safety.

Starting on October 15, 2014, all service providers may begin registering and submitting fire protection system service reports via The Compliance Engine (TCE). As of January 1, 2015 all compliant and non-compliant fire and life safety system inspection and test reports are required to be sent to the Eugene Springfield Fire electronically by your organization via TCE’s online system at www.thecomplianceengine.com.

Any contractor licensed to inspect fire prevention and life safety systems within Eugene Springfield Fire’s jurisdiction are required to submit their reports via The Compliance Engine. We require all reports within 30 days of the inspection or maintenance completion. Systems with impairments should be reported immediately. Below you will find the Procedures for Inspection and Testing Contractors as well as a list of systems tracked by TCE.

Benefits to you by using TCE are:

  • Increased market opportunity for your fire protection services.
  • Ensured receipt of all reports, affording you the ability to track our department’s follow up.
  • Enhanced maintenance revenue and timeliness of deficiency corrections.
  • Improved customer retention with renewal notifications identifying you as company of record.

This proven process requires a nominal $10.00 filing fee be paid by the service provider at the time of submittal. This filing fee is per system per year, except for hood systems which is per every six month service. If you are not currently registered with Brycer, LLC, please do so at www.thecomplianceengine.com and sign-up for any of the scheduled online educational sessions.

We look forward to partnering with you to better protect and serve our community. We are confident this innovation will benefit us ALL. Please contact the FMO at 541-682-5411 or via email if you have any questions.

Technical Advisory 14-03 - FPS Service Reports

2010 Eugene Fire Code and 2014 Springfield Fire Code: Records of all system inspections, tests, and maintenance required by the referenced standards shall be maintained on the premises for a minimum of 3 years and service contractors shall send reports of inspections and tests to the Eugene Springfield Fire Marshal’s Office within 30 days of performing the inspection and test.

Technical Advisory 14-03 on Fire Protection System Service Reports details what systems are tracked and how reports are submitted.