Car Share

Two Parked Zip Cars

What is Car Share?

Car share allows people to rent a car or truck for short trips, like to the grocery store, and pay less money. Vehicles are available to rent by the minute, hour or day, and Eugene/Springfield has cars throughout the area ready for you to drive.

How does car share differ from traditional car rental?

Car share vehicles are available to reserve and rent 24 hours a day, have fuel and insurance costs built in with rental prices and are parked throughout the city in convenient, accessible locations. While not available in Eugene yet, there are peer-to-peer car share models that allow you to even rent a car from your neighbor or share your own car to make money.

Meet Eugene’s Car Share Company:

ZipCar Logo

What: Reserve a vehicle by the hour or day. 

The Ride: 5 fuel efficient cars near the University of Oregon campus are available to rent.

How: Reserve cars via Smartphones or on the web.  Access cars with a personal Zipcard - always a round trip so return cars to original location.

Gas and Insurance: Included in the cost.

Cost: Variable rates and plans available for occasional to frequent drivers.  One-time application fees or yearly/monthly rates can apply depending on driving plan.



  •   13th & Olive Apt (11th Ave &  Willamette Street) – 2 Cars
  • Campus Court (East 15th Alley &  Alder Street) – 1 Car
  • Hub on Campus (800 Alder St) – 2  Cars
  • Stoneridge (East 19th Ave & Harris  St) – 1 Car
  • Woodside Manor (1810 Harris St)    – 1 Car

All vehicles available to both University and Community members.