Arcadia Drive

Arcadia Drive Traffic Calming

Accessibility Modifications

In response to concerns about the accessibility of traffic calming devices for people using wheelchairs or other mobility devices, the traffic calming treatment on Arcadia Drive will be modified slightly. This summer, crews will pave a three foot wide asphalt path on the roadway shoulder around each of eight traffic calming speed cushion locations. Since there are no sidewalks on Arcadia Drive, people using mobility devices must travel in the street. The slight shoulder widening at each traffic calming speed cushion location will provide people using wheelchairs or other mobility devices unobstructed passage along the street. Additionally, there will be no parking allowed in the immediate vicinity of the traffic calming in order to keep the shoulder way accessible to people using wheelchairs or mobility devices.

Construction of traffic calming speed cushions was completed in May of 2015. Following two community meetings on February 18, 2015 and March 4, 2015 at Bertha Holt Elementary School, neighbors voted by mail-in ballot to support traffic calming. The installation of speed cushions is intended to reduce the speed of traffic on Arcadia Drive in response to neighborhood concern about traffic and safety along the street.

Ballots were mailed to the owners and residents of 76 properties between Harlow Road and Regency Drive with direct access to Arcadia Drive, and 200 feet up side-streets. To move forward with the traffic calming proposal, support needed to be demonstrated by at least 60% of respondents, representing at least 50% of the surveyed properties. There were 40 votes in favor and 5 votes opposed (88.9% in support) representing 45 of the 76 properties (a 59.2% response rate).

A series of eight traffic calming speed cushions were placed between Harlow Road and Regency Drive at no additional cost to property owners. Before and after speed studies will be conducted on Arcadia Drive and neighboring streets to determine the effect of the traffic calming.

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