Parks and Recreation System Plan

What’s in store for the next 30 years of Parks and Rec in Eugene

The Parks and Recreation System Plan is a 30-year strategic plan with implementation recommendations for the first 10 years. The plan includes new parks and trails, improved access to the Willamette River, revitalized pools and community centers, and more recreation opportunities in underserved areas.

More than 12,000 Eugeneans helped shape the plan during a vigorous and inclusive outreach process that has been recognized with several regional and national awards

Thank you for your vote of support!

Thank you, community members, for voicing your strong support for the future of Eugene Parks and Rec by passing the 2018 bond and levy! Parks staff are working on everything from strengthening safety and security efforts and increasing park maintenance, to planning park renovations and the creation of new parks in underserved areas. Recreation has completed several expansions and renovations of pools and community centers.

These are just the first steps in the System Plan’s 30-year vision. More about the bond and levy progress.

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An Executive Summary is available here. Click the image below to view the full report. See the column to the right for a list of printable reports.