List of Event Permits

Reference list of permits that may be needed for special events.

Special Event on Public Property or Downtown

Special Event held on public property and/or Special Event in the Downtown Activity Zone.

Permit: Event Notification Form

Timeframe: at least 60 days prior to event

Contact: Community Events Manager, 541-682-6347 or Downtown Activity Permit Office, 541-682-5542

Temporary Structures

Temporary structures, stages, canopies, or platforms more than 48" above ground or temporary power.

Permit: Commercial Construction Permit

Timeframe: 14 days prior to event

Contact: Planning and Development, 541-682-5662

Street Closure for Block Party

Permit: Street Closure for Block Party Permit

Timeframe: 2-4 weeks depending on size of event

Contact: Public Works, 541-682-8400

Event Insurance

Non-commercial and small-scale

Permit: Event Insurance Requirements

Timeframe: 14 days prior to event

Contact: Risk Services, 541-682-5662

Sale of alcohol

Permit: Oregon Liquor Control Commission Permit

Timeframe: 21 days prior to event

Contact: OLCC, 541-686-7739 and Local City Approval, 541-682-5379

Parade/Activity on Public Street or Road Race

Permit: Parade Permit

Timeframe: at least 48 hours prior to event

Contact: Police Department, 541-682-5633

Food Provided

Permit: Food Services Regulation

Timeframe: 20 days prior to event

Contact: Erik Nebeker, Environmental Health Supervisor

Street Closures

Permit: Right-of-Way Use Permit

Timeframe: 7 days prior to event

Contact: Public Works, 541-682-8400

Parks and Open Space Rental

Permit: Park Rental Inquiry Form

Timeframe: at least 60 days prior to event

Contact: Parks and Open Space, 541-682-4812

Lane Transit District Buses

Affects Lane Transit District bus routes

Permit: LTD Customer Service Center

Contact: LTD, 541-682-5555

Fire Safety

Outdoor assembly events, exhibits and trade shows, tents and temporary membrane structures, mobile food units (food carts), carnivals or fairs, fire art performances, amusement buildings, places of temporary assembly, fireworks and pyrotechnic special effects.

Permit: Fire Safety Permit

Timeframe: 14 days prior to event

Contact: Fire Marshal, 541-682-5411

Eugene Police Event Security

Pay hourly overtime rate, minimum of three hours.

Timeframe: at least 7 day prior to event

Contact: 541-682-5897

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