New City Hall

City, County Agreement

In June 2017, the Eugene City Council and Lane County Board of Commissioners reached an agreement to provide:

  • A site for a new County Courthouse on the former City Hall site
  • A site for a new City Hall on the current Butterfly Lot

The agreement is built on the City and County’s shared history on the sites and the community founders’ original vision of a “public square.” It supports mutual goals of providing a permanent location for a year-round, public farmers’ market and continues the momentum of downtown revitalization.

One condition of the agreement was that a judge determine that there are no restrictions on the property that would prevent the proposed purchase, sale, or development of those properties for the proposed uses.

Seeking Judicial Ruling

In September 2017, the City and County jointly filed a petition seeking a judicial declaration from the court stating that there are no prohibitions on the City’s use of the Butterfly Lot, or any requirements that the Lane County Courthouse be located on the Butterfly Lot. No one chose to intervene in the judicial validation proceeding to argue against the position being taken by the City and County.  

However, the judge concluded that there must be someone challenging the City and County’s position in order for him to decide the substantive issue (i.e., whether or not to issue the judicial declaration sought by the City and County). Therefore, the judge dismissed the case without making any ruling on the merits. 

Looking Ahead

The City Council will be meeting to discuss options and next steps. The City is committed to a City Hall that will making efficient use of public resources and serve as an accessible, welcoming center for the community, as well as a home for City government.

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