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What belongs at the center of a city?

Its people, of course!

On the one hand, a Town Square is a place to showcase the best of Eugene, a place to tell the story of our history, our culture and our aspirations to all the world; on the other, it’s a place for the community to gather, a place for all Eugeneans to feel at home, and a park for the downtown neighborhood. In fact, a Town Square is where all of this comes together—it’s a place for people.

Where is the Town Square?

The Park Blocks at 8th Avenue and Oak Street were established by the city's early founders as a central square for our young community. County offices and private businesses have bordered this park from the beginning, and have witnessed the various evolutions of the space over the years. Today, the Park Blocks are famous for hosting the Eugene Saturday Market and Lane County Farmers Market. Eugene’s City Hall will be built as a part of the Town Square, facing on to a restored Park Block that has been covered up by the Butterfly Parking Lot for the last 50 years.

Did you know?

In 1855, Eugene and Mary Skinner and Charnel and Martha Mulligan each agreed to donate adjoining 40-acre parcels to Lane County if the county commissioners agreed to choose Eugene as the county seat. The land included in the Skinner portion was donated from Mary Skinner’s acreage. While most of the land was sold to fund the creation of the city, four acres were reserved for public building and the creation of a "public square in Eugene City." Today, two of the original four Park Blocks remain.

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Map showing the current state of the Town Hall project site and the future plans for the site

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