History of Eugene City Hall

18851885 — Eugene's First City Hall Located on the northeast corner of 8th Avenue and Park Street, Eugene’s first City Hall was a small, two-story wood building most easily identified by its bell tower, cornice brackets, and fire brigades. City Hall functions were located on the second floor, and the eugene fire station was on the first floor. City Hall looked out over the Park Blocks and would have been located on one-eighth of a block near to the County's “Butterfly” parking lot. 

19141914 — Eugene City Hall Moves to Eugene High School Eugene’s second City Hall began its life as Eugene High School. Built in 1903, Eugene High relocated to Lincoln and 17th Avenue in 1914, making the existing masonry building available for city use. From 1914-1963, Eugene City Hall was located on the southwest corner of 11th Avenue and Willamette Street, where Chase Bank sits today. The building was a 3.5-story masonry structure with a corner bell tower, occupying one-quarter of a city block. 

19641964 — Eugene's Civic Center Eugene City Hall moved to its current location when the building was completed in 1964. A decade earlier, local officials had purchased the full block in the hopes of securing a 20-year vision for the city’s growth needs. The building has a post-tensioned concrete waffle slab structure. It occupied a full city block and included a structurally independent Council Chamber and a near-grade day-lit parking lot. The building originally included Eugene’s Downtown Fire Station and the Police Department.