A sustainable future requires transforming the way our community gets things done. We make change easier by offering programs and tools for residents to make more sustainable choices in the home. Programs listed below highlight waste prevention and recycling resources for residents in Eugene. 

Love Food Not Waste Curbside Food Waste Collection

Eugene tosses 40 million pounds of food into the local landfill each year, half of which comes from homes.  Composting food waste allows us to use this material for something useful while also reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Beginning October 1, 2019, customers who have residential garbage service have the option to put food waste in their yard debris bin instead of in the garbage. This citywide program comes after a successful three-year residential curbside food waste collection pilot program that included 1,500 households in four Eugene neighborhoods. The mixed food waste and yard debris will be turned into nutrient-rich compost by local processors.


Recycling in Eugene

Curbside recycling service is included in the cost of garbage collection. Most materials are commingled, with glass collected in a separate container. Contamination reduces the economy and effectiveness of our recycling system. Any items that are not recyclable should not be placed in commingled recycling bins.  For printable recycling resources click here for an informational flyer and click here for a commingled recycling poster


Food Waste Prevention 

Reducing your food waste footprint saves time, money, and the planet. Consider measuring your food waste for one week or even just one day. Use a bucket or bowl with a lid and instead of throwing your food scraps or spoiled food in the garbage, place them in the bin. Chances are, you’ll be surprised at how much ends up in there. Click here to try some food waste prevention tips  and see if you can reduce how much food you throw away. 


Did you know garbage and recycling bins can remain on the curb for no more than 24 hours? It is a City Rule, but it is also who we are. We are residents of Eugene who contribute to more livable, less cluttered streets, and enjoy making a little thunder along the way.


Urban Agriculture

The Urban Agriculture Program promotes growing food in an urban environment and provides information on urban agriculture education, gleaning, growing fresh fruit and vegetables, and garden siting.


Sustainability at Home

There are lots of steps you can take to be more sustainable at home, like using alternative transportation, buying locally, making your home energy efficient, eating a plant based diet, conserving water and switching to EWEB Greenpower. Click the link to learn more about other sustainable practices.


Backyard Composting

The City of Eugene supports a variety of composting programs with the objective of increasing the amount of organic material being diverted from the landfill and into beneficial uses. We support educational programs for backyard composters, compost programs in area K-12 schools, and a commercial food compost program.


Lane County Recycling Guide

Click on the link to access a comprehensive guide for recycling opportunities and information within Lane County. 


Solid Waste & Recycling Regulations

The City of Eugene regulates solid waste, recycling and food waste/yard debris collection within the city limits. This includes licensing haulers, developing standards and setting rates for collection service. Standards for collection are contained in the Eugene City Code and the Administrative Rule

Licensed Haulers:

Collection services are provided by licensed haulers. Haulers may collect from any area in Eugene. Please contact a hauler listed below to set up new service.

Company NameResidentialCommercialDrop Box Phone
Coburg Disposal  X683-5929
Countryside Disposal ServiceXX 687-1259
Eugene Drop Box  X689-6892
Lane Apex Disposal ServiceXXX607-2042
Lane Forest Products  X345-9085
Royal Refuse ServiceXXX688-5622
Waste Reduction Services LLC
X 686-1253

The City sets minimum rates and each licensed hauler may charge up to ten percent above that rate.

Residential Collection Rates

Basic collection service includes refuse, recycling and in most cases, every-other-week food waste/yard debris collection.

Monthly Rates
20 Gallons weekly (food waste/yard debris exempt)$14.45
32 Gallons monthly (food waste/yard debris exempt)$7.45
32 Gallons every other week$16.75
32 Gallons weekly$24.65
60 Gallons weekly$42.75
90 Gallons weekly$52.75
Additional Services
Food Waste/yard debris for exempt categories; every other week$3.55      
Additional food waste/yard debris container, every other week$2.65
Food Waste/yard debris only, every other week$4.80
Recycling service only$7.60
Extra bag or container, each, per pick up, per 32-gal unit$4.80
Container Exchange Fee (per occurrence)$15.00

Residential Container Placement

The City of Eugene sets standards for solid waste and recycling collection. This includes customer responsibilities with regard to placing and removing their containers for collection. Proper can placement adds to the aesthetics of neighborhoods, allows street sweepers and collection vehicles to do their jobs properly, and provides safety to pedestrians and bicycle riders. Containers may be placed at the curbside no earlier than 7:00 p.m. on the day prior to the customer's regularly scheduled collection. Customers are responsible for removing empty containers from curbside no later than midnight on the day of collection.

Information about container placement is listed below in order of preference.

  1. If you have a grass parking strip between the street and the sidewalk, place your carts and glass container there, as long as the strip is level so the cart is stable. If there is no planting strip, you may place the container on a sidewalk, so long as at least a three foot width of the paved area of the sidewalk remains unobstructed by the collection container.
  2. If Option 1 is not possible, put your cart in the street with the wheels against the curb, and place your box for glass flush against the curb. Please keep in mind that this option limits the ability for street sweepers to clean properly, and cuts down on street parking as well.
  3. If placing a cart in the street would block a bike path or cause other obstructions, roll your cart and box to your driveway apron. If you don't have a parking strip or sidewalk, or there is no curb, place your cart and box immediately adjacent to the street.

If none of these options is possible, please work with your hauler to agree on a mutually acceptable place. In all cases, please be sure your containers are stable. Please allow for sufficient vertical clearance so that the collection equipment has room to lift and dump the containers without impacting overhead vegetation or wires.

You may report an address that is in violation of these guidelines by submitting a complaint in writing, or filling in the form provided on the website.  

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