Willamette to Willamette

Willamette to Willamette Map
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“Willamette to Willamette” is a project to make tangible the connection between a city on the edge of a great river, and a river on the edge of a great city.

As part of the 2004 Downtown Plan for the City of Eugene, community members identified 8th Avenue (from Willamette Street to the Willamette River) as a “great street.” As described in the Plan, "Great streets are places people choose to walk along and return to," they are streets that:
    -  connect special places;
    -  are safe, convenient and interesting;
    -  are pedestrian-oriented;
    -  have retail and other active ground floor uses; and
    -  accommodate bicycles, slow-moving vehicle traffic, and emergency vehicles.

The Willamette to Willamette plan will link the heart of our evolving city to the river that has shaped our identity, providing a critical connection between the natural and the urban, the two complementary components of our Eugene identity.
The project will explore four key elements to create the connection:
Art – elements to enrich the streetscape and serve as an element throughout the entire project
History – history of specific sites or of people important to the development of Eugene between the core of downtown and the river
Materials – paving, trees and other vegetation, amenities such as benches and bike racks
Street – street design, mode designation, dimensions