Street Name Signs


The Benefits of Street Name Signs

There are over 10,000 street name signs in Eugene in addition to more than 30,000 traffic control signs. These signs increase safety and convenience for people who drive, walk or bike in Eugene.

Regulatory signs such as "stop," "yield" or "one way" are very important for safety reasons. Stealing or defacing these types of signs can result in property damage, injuries and even death, and people who put the public at risk by stealing or defacing traffic control signs are subject to severe criminal and civil penalties.

While not as critical as regulatory signs, street name signs convey important information to emergency service providers when seconds count. Street name signs are valuable when people are trying to find an address to deliver a package or visit a friend. People who are new to Eugene can get easily confused if street name signs are missing, and even long-time residents struggle to find their way when all the street name signs are missing in a several block area.

The Cost of Replacing Street Name Signs

All transportation signage, street name signs and street lights, as well as pavement markings, are maintained by Eugene Public Works Traffic Operations staff. The City conducts an annual survey of traffic signs and develops a plan to replace missing or damaged signs. Street name signs are replaced when reported. Missing or malfunctioning traffic signs and signals often relate more directly to creating hazardous conditions for the traveling public.


Annually, more than 1,000 street name signs and approximately 2,700 regulatory signs are replaced or repaired. It costs approximately $100 in materials and labor to replace each stolen street name sign. Multiply that by 1,000 street name signs that are replaced each year (and, by the way, that doesn’t cover all the signs that are damaged or go missing each year) and we’re talking serious money that otherwise could be spent to fix potholes, support programs that encourage biking and walking, and maintain Eugene’s traffic signals and street lights.

Missing a Street Name Sign?

Report a missing street sign by using an online service request form, call 541-682-4800 or email Public Works Maintenance.