Better Bethel

The Bethel Area is Eugene’s largest neighborhood and already contains many of the vital elements that contribute to a vibrant, strong, and livable neighborhood including excellent schools, vibrant businesses, inviting open spaces and recreation facilities as well as engaged and diverse neighborhoods and residents.

In 2014, Building a Better Bethel brought together elected officials, neighborhood groups, local businesses leaders, city staff, and the school district identified ways to create new opportunities for increased vitality within the Bethel community.

The Task Team identified key action items to improve economic conditions in Bethel and across the entire Eugene community. Broadly the actions fit within three themes

Better Bethel Task Team Report

Cover of Better Bethel Task Team Report
  1. People: Engaging the community through existing connections within the Bethel School District, Neighborhood Associations, civic groups, and programming. Highlighting the impact of workforce development advancements within the Bethel School District and strengthening the connection with private businesses and higher education institutions.
  2. Place: Identifying high value public and private investments in infrastructure, parks and recreation amenities, and schools.
  3. Prosperity: Creating a Bethel Business Alliance and targeting City of Eugene economic development incentive programs toward the Bethel Area.

What’s New?

Watch videos on innovative workforce development and college readiness programs offered at Willamette High School:

Video of Career Technical Education at Willamette High School Opens in new window Career Technical Education programs offered at Willamette High School

Video of International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement at Willamette High School International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement classes offered at Willamette High School

Listen to the March 18, 2016 City Club program on Building a Better Bethel (on KLCC), featuring Greg Evans, City Councilor, Ethan Nelson, City of Eugene, Debi Farr, Community Member, Colt Gill, Bethel Schools, and Clayton Walker, Walker & Associates.