Riverview Street

Riverview Street Traffic Calming

When the City of Eugene installed traffic calming devices on Augusta Street in 2012, a commitment was made at the request of Laurel Hill Valley Citizens to also install traffic calming on Riverview Street if traffic volumes on Riverview Street subsequently increased by at least 10%. Laurel Hill Valley Citizens voted at a neighborhood meeting to approve the traffic calming on Augusta Street with the understanding that traffic calming might be installed on Riverview Street in the future, to mitigate increases in traffic volume or speed on that street.

Volume studies have since shown that traffic volumes have increased on Riverview Street by over 10% and the City intends to move forward with a traffic calming project on Riverview Street. Traffic calming devices called speed cushions, similar to what were installed on Augusta Street, will be installed on Riverview Street in October of 2015.

The speed cushions on Riverview will be a little different than on Augusta Street. There will be only two six-foot wide "cushions" and they will each be spaced about six inches from the center of the roadway (leaving a gap of approximately one foot wide at the center of the street). There will be a three foot wide gap between the outside edge of each speed cushion and the edge of the roadway pavement in order to provide accessibility for people using wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

There will be 10 speed cushions installed on Riverview Street between 16th and 26th avenues at approximately 400-foot spacing. The proposed speed cushion locations have been marked on the street for the past several weeks.

Before and After Speed and Volume Study Results on Augusta and Riverview Streets

  1. Logan Telles (he/him)

    Transportation Planner