Eugene Historic Property Restoration Grant

collegehill c1920s

The City of Eugene is introducing a brand new program that will benefit owners of historically significant properties. Similar programs have been implemented in Salem and Albany - so far their programs have been very successful and well received by the community.

How it works: If you own a City Landmark or National Register property, you could potentially receive an award of up to $1,000 to make repairs or renovations to your structure. Awards shall be matched by the owner dollar-for-dollar. The process has three simple steps:

  1. Fill out an application (click here to download) and submit to the City of Eugene Planning Division before the due date.
    • Electronic applications can be submitted by e-mail to Rodney Bohner
    • Hand written applications can be submitted at the City of Eugene Planning Division offices, located at 99 West 10th Avenue (the Atrium Building).
  2. Applications will be reviewed by staff and the Historic Review Board - the top 5-10 applications will be selected and awarded the restoration grant.
  3. The property owner then completes the repair/restoration project within 1 year. Award funds are distributed to property owner after the project is completed and inspected by City staff.
What types of projects can be awarded?
  • Restoring integrity of historic buildings. This could include removing unoriginal/incompatible features and replacing them with features that would have been seen on the original structure.
  • Replacing incompatible vinyl windows with original-style wood windows.
  • Repair or replacement of deteriorated historic features such as stairs, railings, columns, porches, roofs, sidings, doors, chimneys, and other exterior features.
  • Any painting project that increases the historic value of the structure.

(If your property becomes listed as a City Landmark it would be eligible for this grant program)