RRQZ Citizen Advisory Panel

The Eugene Public Works Department has formed an 11-member citizen advisory panel to provide input on the proposed creation of a railroad quiet zone (RRQZ) in the north downtown and Whiteaker areas of Eugene.

The charge of the citizen panel is two-fold:

  1. Provide a recommendation to Public Works staff for supplemental safety measures each crossing in the rail corridor between Hilyard Street and Van Buren Street.
  2. Provide a recommendation for funding supplemental safety measures.

The group is scheduled to meet approximately five times over a period of several month to gather information, discuss options, and agree on recommendations that will be forwarded to the Eugene City Council. This web page is intended to provide links to meeting materials and other resources for the members of the panel and members of the community who are interested in this topic. Unless otherwise indicated panel meetings are held in the Lyle Conference Room on the fourth floor of Public Works Engineering, 99 E. Broadway, in downtown Eugene.

Meeting #1 (Nov. 16, 2015)

Meeting #3 (Jan. 12, 3-5 p.m.)

Meeting #4 (Feb. 8, 3-5 p.m.)

Meeting #6 (May 17, 3-5 p.m.)

Meeting #7 (November 14, 3-5 p.m.)

RRQZ Advisory Panel Members

  • Sam Hahn, Whiteaker Community Council (Brad Foster, alternate)
  • Sherrill Necessary, Downtown Neighbors Association (Doug Partridge, alternate)
  • Kelsey Weilbrenner, Residents directly affected (east end)
  • Jonathan Brandt, Residents generally interested (Larry Deckman, alternate)
  • Ron Saylor, Business owners (west end)
  • Jeff Althouse, Business owners (west end) (Tom Moseman, alternate)
  • Casey Barrett, Business owners (east end)
  • Sue Wolling, People who bike, walk or use transit
  • Brittany Quick-Warner, Chamber of Commerce
  • Bill Randall, Planning Commission
  • Eugene Organ, People with disabilities

RRQZ Staff Contacts

  • Mark Schoening, City Engineer, 541-682-5243
  • Rob Inerfeld, Transportation Planning Manager, 541-682-5343
  • Kerry Werner, Project Manager, 541-682-5477
  • Brian Richardson, Public Affairs Manager, 541-682-5523