Leaf Collection and Delivery Program

Leaf Pickup is now in ROUND 2!
 Please review the pickup zone map and the placement/pickup dates below.  Remember that your leaves need to be placed by the curb no earlier than the weekend before the pickup week, and no later than 6:00 a.m. the first day of pickup week.  Thank you for your support of this program! 

Leaf Pickup Zone Map - see placement dates below

2021 leaf map





Nov 6 - Nov 7

Nov 8 - Nov 12


Nov 13 - Nov 14

Nov 15 - Nov 19


Nov 20 - Nov 21

Nov 22 - Dec 3


Dec 4 - Dec 5

Dec 6 - Dec 10


Dec 11 - Dec 12

Dec 13 - Dec 17


Dec 18 - Dec 19

Dec 20 - Dec 30

FOR ROUND TWO: Places leaves curbside on January 1, 2022. This date is effective city-wide.

The period for requesting leaves is CLOSED.  

Bike Lane Service Request Form. Provide us with information about safety hazards in the bike lanes such as leaves, dirt, glass, vegetation or other debris. Leaves and other debris in bike lanes are hazardous to bicyclists.  Bicyclists can also download an app to help report hazards in our bike lanes.  Visit the iBike page on your cell phone and click the link for the appropriate type of device


Eugene's leaf season is seasonal  (November - January). Eugene’s leaf program dates back to the 1960s. Initially a basic flood-control service, the leaf program has evolved over the years to include significant benefits in the areas of water quality, natural resource recycling and community service. 

Be a Part of Eugene's Leaf Team from City of Eugene on Vimeo.

Documents & Resources

Composting Factsheet - Make the most of your leaves 
Rake, Reuse, Recycle


City of Springfield Leaf Program
Lane County Leaf Program (outside city of Eugene limits)