SmartTrips: Central

Smarttrips: Central was the second year of smarttrips: Eugene. Bicycling trips increased by 22%.

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During the summer of 2011, the smarttrips: Eugene program came to three centrally-located neighborhoods: Trainsong, Whiteaker, and Jefferson/Westside. The program was called smarttrips: Central and reached 6,300 households with the goal of improving livability by encouraging residents to walk, bike, take transit, and carpool more often. The smarttrips: Eugene program uses personalized information – local bike maps, transit schedules, and more – and fun, supportive events – guided walks, bike rides, and workshops – to encourage residents to try new travel options.

Approximately 11% of target area residents, or 673  households, requested smarttrips materials or participated in one of the 15 events. The City of Eugene also added 70 new email contacts to its monthly Transportation Options e-newsletter, InMotion, as a result of the program.

Over the course of the program, the target area saw a considerable increase in walking and bicycling and a related decrease in automobile traffic and air pollution. While these neighborhoods already had relatively high rates of walking and bicycling and low rates of automobile ownership, there are even more walking and bicycling trips being taken for transportation and recreation following the marketing and encouragement campaign. The program evaluated residents’ shifts in travel behavior using a household travel diary and opinion survey administered before and after the program. 


Residents of the smarttrips: Central area:

  • Reduced their drive-alone trips by a relative 7%
  • Increased bicycling trips by 22% 
  • Increased walking trips by 2%

Residents were also surveyed on their attitudes towards alternative transportation. Over 95% of the residents surveyed believe that it is a good idea for the City of Eugene to promote transportation options and over 75% of the residents stated that they would like to drive their car less.