SmartTrips: Harlow

Smarttrips: Harlow was the first SmartTrips:Eugene program. A large portion of the Harlow Neighborhood and a small piece of the Cal Young Neighborhood were selected to be the target area for the 2010 pilot program of SmartTrips: Eugene. The area included the residents living between the Randy Papé Beltline Highway to the north, Interstate 105 to the south, Interstate 5 to the east, and Gilham Road and just west of Oakway Road to the west.

There were 5,300 households in the SmartTrips: Harlow target area. The program ran from May – October 2010. Over 652 or 12.5%, customized SmartKits were delivered with materials with information about walking, biking and transit services along with a free travel reward. 

Survey participants were asked a series of questions about their attitudes towards active transportation. In general, residents of the target area displayed a very strong positive agreement with statements relating to the value of active transportation both before and after the program. Only 41.3% of post-program survey respondents agreed that they would ride their bicycle more if they had more information about routes, compared to 72.5% of survey respondents who agreed with this statement in the pre-program survey. It could be that after the program was completed, survey participants felt they had an adequate amount of information on routes, and more information on routes would not affect the frequency of how often they ride their bicycle.