Special Area Zone Process

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Recent Update

The South Willamette Special Area Zone land use application was withdrawn by the Eugene City Council as of May 10, 2016. This information page is for reference only.

Proposed Design Code: Adoption Process

The proposed South Willamette Special Area Zone (SW-SAZ) was recommended for adoption to the City Council by the Planning Commission in August 2015. For more detailed information and maps, see the

Proposed Design Code Information Page.
SAZ PC Deliberations Summary 1.20.16
5 page Summary and Recommendation
SW SAZ Public Engagement
SAZ PC Record 1.20.16
800+ page Public Record
SAZ Land Use Application 1.20.16
400+ pages; Code Concepts, Public Engagement Summary, Code Development Outreach, AIA Code Test, AIA Report, Site Specific Tests, Concept Plan, Workshop Reports
Link to DLCD Package, Proposed Code Standards, Findings, Noticing Record, Public Comments
Project Goals
The design code project is tied directly to the goals and outcomes of the South Willamette Concept Plan, including:
  • Supporting a well-connected, healthy, and walkable district
  • Creating opportunities for more commercial jobs and homes, including a greater diversity of housing types
  • Setting standards for the physical form and scale of future development
  • Setting standards for active, successful streets and public realm
  • Realizing principles for compatible building design and transitions