Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping in Eugene

The Public Works Maintenance Division maintains more than 1,300 lane miles including streets, alleys and bike paths. Stormwater Maintenance crews use a fleet of five street sweepers to remove debris from these streets, alleys and bike paths.

Crews are continuously busy throughout the year, not only performing routine sweeps, but also playing a crucial role in leaf collection, snow and ice control sand recovery programs, responding to vehicle crashes, and reports of broken glass or debris in the right-of-way. This makes the streets safer for motorists and cyclists, and it also helps return clean water back to our local rivers, which is why street sweeping is funded by stormwater user fees.

Street sweeping is a collaborative process: in order for our vehicles to clean the streets, obstacles such as vehicles, trailers, and other items need to be moved so they don’t block the sweeper’s path.

Sweeper Track 

Sweeper Track is the new app for the City of Eugene’s street sweeping program. It highlights when sweepers will be specific neighborhoods as well real-time progress* on active routes.   Regular street sweeping activities are in place except during leaf season.  Starting just before leaf pickup begins, the app is disabled during leaf season.

You can help us clean the streets by entering your address in Sweeper Track to see what route you are in and when sweeping will take place.

Moving vehicles, trailers, debris receptacles and other items out of the sweeper’s path prior to street sweeping  will make it easier for us to clean your street efficiently. 


Cleaner streets are a benefit for all, and when we work together we can make that happen!


*Weather, equipment failures or unexpected issues may affect real-time sweeping schedules.