Climate Recovery Ordinance

The Climate Recovery Ordinance (CRO) establishes Eugene's goals to reduce emissions. These goals establish a foundation for what actions will be needed to address climate change and reach our goals. Those actions are detailed in the Climate Action Plan 2.0 (CAP 2.0).

Community Climate Recovery Ordinance Goals
  1. CRO Goals
  2. Progress

Climate Recovery Ordinance Goals

The Climate Recovery Ordinance includes four ambitious goals - two community goals and two City operations goals.

Community Goals

  • Reduce community fossil fuel use by 50% of 2010 levels by 2030
  • Reduce total community greenhouse gas emissions to an amount that is no more than the city of Eugene's average share of a global atmospheric greenhouse gas level of 350 ppm by 2100, which was estimated in 2016 to require an annual average emission reduction level of 7.6%

City Operation Goals

  • All City of Eugene owned facilities and operations shall be carbon neutral by 2020, meaning no net release of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce the City of Eugene's use of fossil fuels by 50% compared to 2010 usage