Urban Renewal in Eugene

How Does Urban Renewal Work?

Urban Renewal is a tool used by cities to finance improvements and redevelopment in specific areas of a city by reinvesting the increase in the area's property taxes, it is also called Tax Increment Financing. Learn more about:

Downtown Projects

On June 13, 2016 Council amended the Downtown Urban Renewal Plan, which makes the four projects below eligible for urban renewal funds. Learn about the projects and next steps for community engagement and the approval process.

What's Happening with Downtown Urban Renewal?

Learn more about what is currently happening with the Downtown Urban Renewal District. Visit the What's Happening webpage to learn more and view related documents below.

What's Happening with Riverfront Urban Renewal?

The City of Eugene just reached an agreement to purchase the Riverfront site from EWEB! Learn more about what is currently happening with the Riverfront Urban Renewal on the Riverfront Redevelopment webpage and view related documents below:

Community Review Panel

Learn more about projects approved by the Urban Renewal Agency Board and expenditures in the Downtown Urban Renewal District in the Expenditure Review Panel Reports listed below.

How You Can Participate

Learn how you can participate and provide feedback on Downtown Improvements.

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