Petersen Barn Staff

Petersen Barn Peter

Peter Chavannes - Senior Programmer & Site Manager

Peter began working at Petersen Barn in 2005 and hails from San Francisco. Peters passions include guitar, dancing, reading, soccer, yoga, play doh, bicycling, writing, music and telling corny jokes. A favorite quote "Your work is to discover your world and then; with all you heart, give yourself to it." Budha Email Peter

Tina Cammann - Rec Office Coordinator

Tina is the glue that holds Petersen Barn together! As the Rec Office Coordinator, she’s the greeter, the scheduler, the voice, the go-to -person and more. When not at work, Tina’s time is spent sewing, gardening, crafting, swimming, camping and looking for that hidden gem while thrifting. Email Tina

Janet Whitty - Program Supervisor

As Program Supervisor, Janet Whitty oversees the adult and senior programs at the Barn. Often you’ll find her in the kitchen cookin’ up something tasty for “Lunch at the Barn,” “Blueberry Bash,” and other events. She loves working with seniors. Her hope is that one day she’ll be able to find the time to take the art classes that she programs. Email Janet

Oliver Redig - Rec Program Assistant

Short, peppy, hazel eyed with a love for biking, gardening and time travel. At the Barn I contribute to the design of camps, classes, community events. My love for play, art, sport, bike polo, live role play, fashion, robotics, stop animation, archery, boating, upstream river swimming, and community building has brought me to the current position that I am in today. Email Oliver

Billy Hernandez - Teen Court Coordinator

Billy has been with the city since 2007 and has worked with youth and families in many capacities. Currently, he supervises the Teen Court program, a restorative justice-based diversion program for youth who have received first-time citations. He loves working with youth because of their energy and drive toward helping their community. Billy loves to play sports, bike, hike and lots of other recreation activities when he’s not helping to shape young people’s futures. Email Billy

Alyssa Loyd

Alyssa Loyd - Madison After School Coordinator

Alyssa is new to the tribe at Petersen Barn but has found her niche as the afterschool program coordinator for Madison Middle School. A firm believer that middle schoolers are indeed the best age to work with, she has worked with teens in programs all over the City. Alyssa shares her passion for cat memes with anyone she can. She loves sarcasm, caffeine, label makers, her dog (Dobby, a free elf), and thrift shops. However, she cannot swim and should not be called in the event of a water landing. Email Alyssa


Tanya Jacobson - Activity Coordinator

Tanya is a coordinator for the Youth to Make It Happen, BEST, and Fun for All programs. She loves being inspired by the amazing people she meets daily and having the opportunity to create fun and engaging activities for everyone. Continuously fighting the never-ending battle against the evil known as "Boredom" takes a lot of work but when she gets some time off she enjoys photography, dancing, gardening and adventuring with her family. Email Tanya