Institutional Borrower Card

Institutional Borrower cards are a way for Eugene Public Library to provide for the informational needs of organizations and businesses within the city limits of Eugene. The card can usually be issued within one week of application.

Usually, library cards are registered to individuals. An Institutional Borrower card is registered to an institution, such as a school, agency, community group, or business, for the use of its staff or members. The institution, represented by its owner or director, takes full financial responsibility for all use of the card.

One card is issued per institutional location. If an institution has multiple locations, a card can be issued for each location. Each location must apply separately for its own card.

Applying or renewing

To apply for or renew an Institutional Borrower card, mail the following to Eugene Public Library, 100 West 10th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon, 97401, Attention: Circulation Supervisors.

  1. A completed application form (PDF), and
  2. A letter on official letterhead stating that the institution accepts responsibility for all materials borrowed on the card and any fines, fees, or charges for lost, damaged, or late materials. The letter must be signed by the owner or director of the institution on behalf of the institution and be dated within one week of the application date.

Current status of the organization or business will be verified with the Oregon Secretary of State Corporate Division and/or the Oregon Department of Justice Division of Charitable Activities.

For multiple locations, each location must complete an application and provide a letter as indicated above, signed by both the location manager and the institution’s director.

The person signing the application is responsible for reporting to the Library any changes in account information, including changes to ownership, directorship, or management.

Using the card

Institutional Borrower card loan policies are the same as for individual library cards. All cards must be renewed annually, with current documentation provided; in the case of Institutional Borrowers, this requires a new letter, as described above, dated within one week of renewal request.

The institution decides who is authorized to use the card. Each borrower must present the card to check out items.

Library notices about requested materials or overdue items are mailed to the institution, to the attention of the director or location manager.

As with individual library cards, any person who knows the account number and password has access to all account information, including items out, fines owed, etc.