Farmers' Market



The Lane County Farmers’ Market returned to Eugene’s Park Blocks in the 1970s and has become a vital source of quality local produce and a cornerstone of downtown activity. While the Farmers’ Market has maximized use of the existing space, the configuration and limitations of the site make it difficult for the market to grow and reach its full potential. For many years, the Farmers’ Market has expressed a need and desire to establish a larger and more prominent, year-round market in downtown. This project focuses on possible improvements to the Park Blocks, or another downtown location, in order to create a more attractive and functional venue for a permanent, year-round Farmers’ Market. Options range from a simple pavilion to a full service building and from no land acquisition or site improvements to land acquisition and improvement for the project. 

Estimated cost range:

The cost will be based on the type of building and the cost of the land and site prep. The Urban Renewal amendment makes the project eligible for up to $4.5million of urban renewal funds, with an estimated cost ranging from $1.5 million to $4.5 million.



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