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The Park Blocks are a living legacy of the forethought and civic spirit of the earliest founders of Eugene. The area, located in the heart of downtown, is a critical component of Eugene’s identity and economic health. It is also home to two beloved organizations, the Saturday Market and the Lane County Farmers’ Market, and a key part of the Willamette to Willamette initiative. Improving these spaces and increasing the opportunities for desired activities downtown requires a focused, strategic investment in the amenities, character, and public identity of the Park Blocks, as well as the other key public open spaces downtown. The first step of this project will be asking the community about their hopes and vision for our town square, and conducting a needs assessment in our growing downtown neighborhood. The results of that work will help inform plans to implement the community vision. The improvement area could be limited to the Park Blocks or have a broader approach, and include other key downtown open spaces: Hult Plaza, Kesey Square, the plaza at the new City Hall, the new riverfront park, and the pedestrian path system in between these places.  


Estimated cost range:

The public engagement results will guide the specific improvements to be made. Information provided by the City Council as well as feedback from the downtown solutions forum, and prior planning work was used to estimate possible costs for a range of improvements. The Urban Renewal amendment makes the project eligible for up to $5.2 million of urban renewal funds, with an estimated range from $1 million to $5.2 million.

Next Steps:

Projects for Public Spaces presented their findings to Council on February 15, 2017. Click here to view the presentation and read the materials. Throughout the summer, staff has begun to implement some of Project for Public Spaces' 'lighter, quicker, cheaper' improvements in the downtown area. The project is currently in the community engagement and project scoping phase. Prior to any funding decisions being made there will be opportunities for public input. For up-to-date information on downtown activities and improvements, visit
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