Sheldon Pool Swim Hours

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Sheldon Pool Fees

  1. Single Visit10 Visit Pass30 Day Pass90 Day Pass
    Youth (3-17)$4.50$36$44$105
    Adult (18+)$5.00$42$54$130
    Senior (60+)$4.50$36$44$105

    *Additional charges for more than 5 people. All entry requires an admission fee for ages 3 and up. Passes not valid for special events.

Drop-in Swim Times

See Closures/Modified schedules below for exceptions.

Family Swim

A great time for parents and children to enjoy the water together. Children must be accompanied by an adult age 18 or older in the water.

  September 26 - October 26

  Warm water pool

  Monday, Wednesday: 2-3p

  Sunday: 10:30-11:30a

Baby Swim

Children under 3 and their adults can enjoy the warm water pool together. Adults must be in the water with their children.

  September 26 - October 26

  Warm water pool

  Tuesday, Thursday: 11a-12p

Lap Swim

No matter what your level is, there is a lane for you! Lap lanes are available for slow, medium and fast swimmers. Children ages 12 and younger must pass a swim test and be accompanied by an adult.

  September 26 - October 26

  Monday, Wednesday: 11:30a-2p

  Tuesday, Thursday: 5:30-8:30a, 12-2p

  Friday: 10a-2p

  Sunday: 11:30a-2p

Fitness Center

Offer cardio-vascular equipment including treadmills and elliptical trainers, as well as free weights and weight machines. Ages 16-17 require guardian signed consent on file. Ages 13-15 require guardian signed consent on file and must have an adult present. Ages 12 and under are not permitted.

  September 26 - October 26

  Monday, Wednesday: 11:30a-4p

  Tuesday, Thursday: 5:30a-2p

  Friday, Sunday: 9a-2p

Community Shower Hours

Time for members of the community in need of a shower. Showers are only available in the locker rooms. Family dressing rooms are reserved for parents with small children or individuals who need the assistance of a certified aide.  Showers are limited to 30 minutes and cost $0.50.

  September 26 - October 26

  Monday, Wednesday: 11:30a-1:30p

  Tuesday, Thursday: 8-10:30a

  Friday: 9a-1:30p

  Sunday: 12-1:30p

Closures/Modified Schedules

  November 11: Closed for holiday

  November 24-25: Closed for holiday

  December 18-January 2: Holiday schedule

  December 24-25: Closed for holiday

  December 31-January 1: Closed for holiday

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